The Sparrow is a spiritual symbol of joy and protection. It represents simplicity and community. It's high productivity is believed to be achieved through a team work and passionate dedication. The inspiration for the name of our new venture derives from the Swabian word: spätzen, meaning 'little sparrows". Used to describe, flour & egg-based irregular dumplings - S P Ä T Z L E. Spätzle are common not only to Germany, Austria or Switzerland, but also to Alsace and Italy's Südtirol (South Tyrol)Trentino & Alto Adige, Northern regions of Italy.

From February 2019 The Sparrows temporarily "nested" at Kitchen In An Arch Unit 3 Mirabel Street in Manchester making home to the best hand made European pasta, dumplings & noodles . . . served with a cup of Japanese sake & wine too.

From March 2020 The Sparrows have opened a permanent restaurant at 16 Red Bank, Manchester M4 4HF.

SUZUME Japanese SAKE SHOP is now a part of The Spärrows on line shop

See you All in Manchester & London

Kasia & Franco
[email protected]