Maruishi Brewery

Founded in 1690, Maruishi brewery [Okazakaki, Aichi] is highly focused on production methods and high quality of the ingredients, resulting in sweetness, aroma and acidity.

Their signature brand “Nito” symbolise two hare from the old proverb “that is your run after two rabbits you’ll catch neither”.Hideki Fukada , president of Maruishi , believes that he is the only one to catch both hares, as his sake beautifully reflects on highly prized skills and qualities such as taste and aroma , acidity and umami levels.

Products available :

Nito Junmai [ White Rabbit Label ]

Nito Junmai Ginjo Omachi [ Black Rabbit Label ]

Nito Junmai Daiginjo [ Red Rabbit Label]

Miwaku no Yuzu